Amber has an incredible ability to build a relationship with her clients and to read bodies, coupled with her professionalism her massage therapy stands head and shoulders above any other treatment I’ve received
John Leonard – Personal Trainer
“Massages help make my life better.  Amber has been regularly giving me great massages for quite a few years now.  Life’s good.  Thanks Amber.”
Garry Anderson, Lawyer
I love my massages with Amber. She is always professional and allows me to feel safe and cared for. I have never before experienced the level of attention to my muscles and body in a way that left me both deeply relaxed and energised. I would not hesitate to recommend her
Annie Rogers – Psychotherapist/Supervisor
“Amber is a treasure. I discovered her before lockdown; looking for a sports massage therapist that could truly find and work out knots. At the same time, many of us pine for the “energy” work that is a mysterious yet vital part of physical therapy. Amber is that rare combination. She will find your tight knots (muscular) and release your “stuff” (tension) naturally. She has a gift; and I’m grateful. I suggest you seek and discover the precious Amber”
Rose Bruce, Doctor
I have been to many body work practitioners over the years and I highly recommend Amber Cielo for massage, especially for those who enjoy a deep and thorough touch.
Karin Bettley -Midwife
“Amber is an extremely talented massage therapist with alot of experience. She has a special ability to connect deeply to your body assiting you to unravel and move back into ease and grace. Her warmth and kind heart makes you feel relaxed and open to your own healing.”
Pounamu Skelton, Health, Wellness and Rongoa Consultant